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IT Hardware and Software

TLSPL IT Hardware and Software Distribution division has been able to achieve excellence in the field of distribution and Marketing through strategic planning and highly competitive Executives.

We are value-added partners of Industry Giants such as Microsoft Corp, Oracle, and Novell in their distribution and technical support activities. We also import software that is not available in the country for our clients. We have a strong team of technical support executives to support our marketing team and provide our customers with value additions and providing with customized solutions.

We are major authorized reseller of all major software publishers and hardware producers.

System Upgrades

A system upgrade involves either adding new components to an existing piece of IT equipment (a hardware upgrade) or installing more recent software (a software upgrade). System upgrades can be an effective way to extend the life of some computer equipment.

Hardware Upgrades

Most hardware upgrades involve opening a piece of equipment and adding extra components. It's usually a simple task, but if you do not feel comfortable delving inside a computer then leave it to the Experts.

Do not perform a system upgrade unless you can see a clear benefit. In an age where a laptop can be bought and computers generally last for around three years, it isn't worth spending money on upgrades for marginal improvements.

Your business is better off managing as best it can, then investing in brand new equipment as soon as is practical.

Software upgrades

There are several advantages to regularly upgrading your software. If your business uses an old version of a software package, you may be unable to open files created in newer versions.

It can also be hard to find support as your software ages, because providers tend to phase out support for older versions. Also, the latest versions of software usually have extra features and sometimes run faster.

Software upgrades are generally easy to perform. Just purchase the latest version of the software and install it on top of the old version. Sometimes you can buy special upgrade packages, which are cheaper than buying a new copy outright.

However, always check your computer hardware supports the software before upgrading. Some packages offer performance improvements, but many are designed for the newest hardware. If your computer only just meets the new software's system requirements, it may be best to hold off.

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