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Network Design and Implementation

TECHLeaf Network hardware support is available for directors, routers, switches and more.

TLSPL offers Network Services for the large scale enterprise organizations. Enterprise Organizations are being requested to provide more Network Services and Security without much increase their spend or budgets.

Leveraging Professional Services is the best way to ensure that your project continues to execute on time and is delivered the best way with expert and talented resources that have achieved this several times over.

TLSPL has a bench of Network Experts that are available to help Design, Deploy and Implement the Network on a large scale. Our team includes Cisco Expert CCIE’s, Juniper Experts and also multi-vendor expertise that have deployed large clusters.

WAN, LAN, SAN hardware support for Cisco, Brocade

We provide solutions for a variety of devices in Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), and Storage Area Network (SAN) deployments, including routers, directors/switches, security devices and access points from Cisco™, Brocade™, Juniper™, McData™ and others.

TECHLeaf Network Supported OEMs

Cisco: Supported models

  • Routers: CISCO 800 Series, 1800 Series, 1900 Series, 2800 Series, 2900 Series, 3800 Series, 3900 Series, 4000 Series, 5000 Series, 5500 Series, 7300 Series, 11500, 12000 Series Routers.
  • Switches: Catalyst 9300, 9400, 9500, 6800, 6500, 4500E, 3850, 3650, 3560, 2960 Switches
  • Stackable Switches: 550X, 350X, 350, 250, 110 Switches.

Juniper: Supported models

T-Series, J-Series, MX, M, PTX, EX, QFX, SRX Series

Brocade/McData: Supported models

  • Brocade SLX Switches: SLX 9140, 9240, 9540 Switch
  • Brocade VDX Switches: VDX 6740, 6940, 8770 Switch
  • Brocade RUCKUS: ICX7450, 6610, 7150, 7250, 7750, 6430, 6450, FCX Series Switches
  • Brocade Carrier Ethernet: Brocade CES2000, 6910 Switches
  • Brocade Fibre Channel: Brocade X6 Director, DCX8510, G610, G620, 6505, 6510, 6520, 300 FC Switches.
  • Brocade Routers: SLX9850, MLX Series, CER2000 Series

HP: Supported models

ProCurve (1XX0 through 8XX0), Brocade (DCX and Silkworm) Rebranded, Cisco/MDS 9XXX Rebranded

IBM / Lenovo: Supported models

IBM Converged Switches, IBM Ethernet Routers, SAN (FC Switch), SAN Routers, RackSwitch, Rebranded Brocade and MDS

  • IBM Converged Switches: Brocade VDX6730 Converged Switch for IBM, IBM Converged Switch B32 (3758-B32, 32E, L32), IBM Rack Switch G8264CS
  • IBM Ethernet Routers: IBM Ethernet Routers B04M (4003-M04), B08M (4003-M08), B16M (4003-M16), B32M (4003-M32), J02M (4274-M02), J06M (4274-M06), J11M (4274-M11)
  • SAN Routers: SAN04B-R (2005-R04), SAN06B-R (2498-R06)

Dell: Supported models

PowerConnect, Dell Networking, Rebranded Brocade and Cisco

EMC: Supported models


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