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Server and Storage Implementation

To get your server and storage systems designed and implemented in the shortest possible time and get to production as soon as possible, TLSPL has the technical know how to help architect, design, implement and integrate your server and storage systems to your production environment.

We provide Multi-vendor hardware supports for Server/Storage like Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, Supermicro (server HW only), NEC, and FUJITSU, EMC, NetApp.

TLSPL Storage team provides flexible and enterprise class hardware maintenance services for Server and Storage even after the OEM has declared them End of Service Life. Another benefit is, moving your storage maintenance to TECHLeaf, save your budget and avoid too much cost spending for OEM and looking for a replacement that gives you equivalent SLA with affordable price.

TECHLeaf maintenance alternative offers a more complete solution than other third party maintainers because of our engineering background.

Our mission is to provide innovative and creative service solutions with a focus on SLA’s and customer satisfaction. We work in close collaboration with all kinds of customers to develop the most effective solutions/service offerings for them.

We help in managing day to day IT Service’s needs, large data center, Hardware, Operating system support assistance all under one roof.

We have certified engineers provide services including system administration, configuration, triage and error analysis and action plans for a variety of common server Unix-based operating systems including IBM AIX®, HP-UX®, MPE/iX®, OpenVMS®, Tru64®, and most versions of Solaris®.

We provide complete solutions for:

  • Oracle/Sun, IBM, Cisco and HP, DELL Servers
  • Unix-based servers
  • Wintel/Blade servers, ISS
  • EMC, STK. HITACHI and Network appliance storage
  • All Enterprise level Servers and Storages

We have below Customizable Service Level Agreements available with global support.

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