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TECHLeaf provides extensive Database Administration Support service for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase environments for your business.

TLSPL has a trained staff of SQL experts and DBA's who can manage, support, protect, and tune SQL Server. You'll get the most out of your data, be confident that it’s being backed up correctly, and rest assured that your Databases are running at top efficiency to minimize downtime and data corruption.

TLSPL software engineers can free you of these issues with one of two solutions:

  • A significant portion of TLSPL customers run SQL Server databases. These customers leave the database management to us so that they can focus on their business. No matter what version SQL Server you are running, TLSPL is your source for SQL Server administration expertise and remote database operations. We have expert SQL Server DBA teams dedicated to remotely administering SQL Server databases and ensuring 24×7 operation of your production environment.
  • Our remote SQL Server DBA services are designed to be adapted to client requirements. These flexible offerings allow you to pay a monthly service fee or pay as you go, based on the coverage level you require. Contact us to receive a free price estimate for your corporate DBA service plan needs.

SQL Server Remote DBA Support Services:

  • Continuous 24x7 Remote SQL Server DBA
  • Full-time Remote SQL Server DBA
  • Hourly and Part-time Remote SQL Server DBA Support

Featured SQL Server Remote DBA Services

In addition to our SQL Server support services, TLSPL also offers complete remote SQL Server database administration services. Our DBA experts are capable of addressing integration, maintenance, optimization, and upgrade needs. Some of the featured SQL Server DBA services include:

  • SQL Server Administration and Maintenance Services
  • SQL Server Troubleshooting, Database optimization and performance scalability
  • SQL Server Development Services
  • SQL Server Business Intelligence Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Support Services
  • SQL Server QA/Testing Services
  • Configuring High Availability features and Always-ON, Replication, P2P, Mirroring Technology
  • SQL Server Reporting services

Call us to discuss your SQL Server DBA service requirements or schedule a meeting with our expert salesteam to discuss your remote DBA needs.

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